Historical reasons behind the Israel-Palestine conflict.


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Early history.

Our story begins thousands of years ago. You must have heard how badly Hitler treated the Jews. But do you know, that the atrocities against Jews began thousands of years ago? It is said that Jesus Christ was born into a Jewish family. And some Christians believe that Jews wanted to crucify Jesus Christ. This is a belief from an ideology that remained among the Christians for several years, decades, and even centuries. And when the crusades happened around a thousand years ago, Christians killed the Jews in large numbers. The hate that Jews had to bear hardly any religion had to bear in the last thousand years. After the 1800s, the hatred of the Jews was not only because of religious reasons but also because the Jews were being seen as a different ethnicity as well.

Rise of Zionism.

There was an Austro-Hungarian journalist named Theodor Herzl. He started a new political movement in 1896 pamphlet. Zionism. He demanded that Jews should have a different country. At the time this was not a new idea. Since the 1870s, several organizations were calling themselves lovers of Zion. Because of these reasons, in 1891, the first large-scale migration of Jews was seen in the Palestine area. Why did they choose the area of Palestine? Because the area was holy for the Jews Jerusalem is the holiest place for Jews.

British fooled the Jews and Arabs.

In the year 1915, World War 1 began. The British French and Arabs were fighting against the Ottoman empire. The British play a clever role here. They tell the Arabs revolutionaries that in return for their support in defeating the Ottoman empire, they will give them the area of Palestine. And the Arab revolutionaries were fighting to create a unified Arab country. The British promised the same thing to the Jews. That they will help them to create their own Jewish country near Palestine. They did this to appease the American Jews. And could gain influence over American politics. But in reality, the British made a secret deal with the French. As soon as Ottoman Empire fell after World War 1, Britain divided the Middle East area between themselves. The British took over the control of the Palestine region. From 1918 to 1948 the entire area was under the control of the British Government. At this time, in Germany Hitler gets political power. And the Jews are massacred by millions in a genocide.

United Nations Plan.

In 1948 the British Government left the Jewish to form a Jewish country and the Palestinians to form their own country. They ceded the responsibility to the United Nations. United Nations comes up with a partition plan. About the area to be allotted for creating a Jewish country and a Palestinian country. In 1947 the UN Partition plan is released. In the plan, the UN keeps 57 percent of the area for the Jewish country and 43 percent for the Arab-Palestinian country. The Jewish accepted this plan and name their country Israel here, the country is born in 1948.

End of Palestine

But unfortunately, the other neighboring Arab countries were not happy with this plan. So they started a war against Israel. Saying that they will not allow the Jews to take any part of the land. This war was named the First Arab-Israel war of 1948. And very surprisingly Israel won the war. After the end of the war in 1948, the areas that were supposed to be Palestine's according to the UN Partition plan, Israel occupied several of these areas. The Gaza strip area went to Egypt. And the West Bank area went to Jordan.

West Bank Annexation.

Palestinians want their own country. For this reason, Palestine Liberation Organization was formed. Initially, their aim was through armed struggle. Because of this reason the US and Israel declared it to be a terrorist organization. In 1974 PLO gets officially recognized by the United Nations General Assembly. To be the representatives of the people of Palestine. From the 1960s to the 1980s it had been more than 10 years since Israel had occupied the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Some fanatic Israelis claim that the entire West Bank area is theirs. And so they will reside there. And so Israeli settlements start cropping up in the West Bank area. The international community deems these settlements to be illegal because these settlements go against the United Nations partition plan.

The Hope.

In 1992 Israel gets an amazing Prime Minister. His name was Yitzhak Rabin. He said that PLO is not a terrorist organization. Israel was Officially recognized and in return, PLO officially recognized Israel as a country. And in 1993 the Oslo Accords took place. As a result in 1994, the Palestinian government was established for the first time. But Israelis had already established permanent settlements in many West Bank areas. Which were supported by the Israeli Government. And the Palestinians were living in a few areas in bits and pieces. It was then decided to divide the West Bank area into three parts. Area A, B, and C. Area A would be where the Palestinian Government would be in control. In area B both the governments would be in control. And area C would be controlled by the Israeli Government.

Battle of Gaza.

In 2006, the HAMAS militant group runs in the Palestinian elections and wins. It defeats the PLO party, Fatah, but by a very small margin. It wins 74 out of 132 seats. But after this, in 2007, a civil war takes place between these two parties in Palestine. In 2007, this war has named the Battle of Gaza. And Palestine is divided into two parts. In the Gaza Strip, HAMAS establishes its control. And the West Bank area is controlled by Fatah and PLO.

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