Strategies used by Hitler to influence and fool his followers


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Have you ever wondered how the most famous dictator of the world, Adolf Hitler, had brainwashed people to become his blind followers? How did this person become the most famous dictator in the world? Which techniques and strategies did he use to become so? Come let's find out these things today.

The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, had said that there are three techniques to persuade people. Ethos, Logos, and pathos. Nowadays these things are taught in the MBA advertising course as well. I will give an example of toothpaste. Suppose I have to sell you toothpaste Ethos means that I will establish my authority. to put across my point. I will tell you to buy this toothpaste because 90 percent of dentists certify that it is good. So you should buy it. Logos means using logic to build my argument. Buy this toothpaste because it has Fluoride. And Fluoride helps to fight against cavities. And Pathos means using emotions to persuade you. Buy this toothpaste because the ingredients are locally produced. Because the ingredients are from your country you will feel proud while using the toothpaste. This is why buy this toothpaste. If a common man thinks logically and votes according to the data, he will never vote for a dictator. This is why a dictator has to rely on pathos or emotions to get people to vote for him.


If you love your country, vote for me. If you respect your soldiers, vote for me. Many people are convinced by these emotional speeches. But when a logical person hears that he will ask; why should the person vote for him because they respect the soldiers? Using pathos is not enough to make someone a dictator. If a person wants to become a dictator, he has to eradicate logic. This is what Adolf Hitler did. On 10th May 1933, more than 25,000 books were burnt by the Nazi party officials. They labeled the books anti-national. The propaganda minister Joseph Gobbles justified this by saying that "The future German man will not just be a man of books but of character." Pseudoscience was also largely prevalent. Dubious research papers were being published. That stated that the Germans were of a superior race. A so-called inventor in Austria once saw the moon and dreamt that the moon might be made of ice because it looks white. So he said that the whole universe and including all other planets must be made of ice. He published his theory titled "World Ice Theory". People like Hitler promoted this theory. The Nazi party also gave an honorary Doctorate to this so-called inventor. Universities are the only places in a country where logic is heavily discussed. The universities were tightly controlled by the Nazi party. To the extent that the senior university professors of all the top universities were appointed by the officials of the Nazi Party. And the subjects taught in the universities were also strictly limited to furthering Nazi ideology. If it did not adhere, the professors of the universities were terminated.


The most famous strategy of Hitler was to create fear among the Germans. To create a fake enemy of the country that did not even exist. But to use that as a base to scare the citizens. And to portray himself as the hero who would save the country from these non-existent enemies. In this case, the bogus enemies were Jews. Conspiracy theories were created and dubious news was spread showing the Jews to be responsible for the defeat of Germany in World War 1. How the Jews were the internal enemy of the country. Such propaganda posters were printed. Which showed how the Jews were responsible for Germany losing in WW1 and the economy crashing. This was not true because there were a hundred thousand Jews in the German military.

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