Officials announce the 2 ways California residents will receive their inflation relief payments

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According to state authorities, Californians will receive their inflation relief payments in a few months. In the meantime, many are curious about how they might will be receiving their check once the payment date arrives.

The payouts, commonly known as the middle-class tax refund, will be made available in California in two different ways: debit cards and direct deposit. How can Californians know in which way they will receive their money?

The California Franchise Tax Board announced that in general, Californians should get their money in the same manner as their 2020 tax return if they filed electronically and got it by direct transfer. If not, they’ll get their payment on a debit card.

According to the Franchise Tax Board, some instances of customers who will get their payments via a debit card rather than through direct deposit include:

Those who submitted a paper tax return, individuals who got a cheque for their 2020 tax refund, taxpayers who owed money in 2020, taxpayers who got a cheque as payment for the Golden State Stimulus, taxpayers who paid their tax preparer expenses with their refund, and ahead-of-schedule refund recipients for the 2020 tax year.

If any of those circumstances apply to certain residents, the Franchise Tax Board will send the resident’s refund on a debit card to the address on file. If their address has changed after they filed their 2020 taxes, they can update it on the FTB website, over the phone, or by mail. The FTB has provided several instructions about it.

The Franchise Tax Board also asked Californians to please note that additional time should be given for processing payments with address changes.

According to the Franchise Tax Board, the payments will be distributed between October 2022 and January 2023. Based on Californians’ income, filing status, and the number of dependents they have, they will get payments ranging from $200 to $1,050.

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