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L.A. schools will officially teach LGBT content provided by school district

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The Los Angeles Unified School District recently provided teachers and schools with a “Queer All School Year” calendar that serves as a guide for fostering LGBT pride among students all year long.

A month-by-month schedule for how schools will introduce gay and transgender concepts to students in various ways is provided in more documents from the Los Angeles Unified School District Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity office.

The documents which act as guidelines for teachers, advise them to support students in starting a GSA or Rainbow Club in August, prepare for next month’s Solidarity Week and teach LGBT-inclusive curriculum all year in September, and to post LGBTQ-affirming signs in the office, classrooms, and around campus in December.

For Black History Month in February, schools are urged to participate in the Black Lives Matter in Schools Week of Action. In addition, there are other monthly goals, such as reviewing school’s procedures to ensure everyone’s name and gender pronouns are correct in March and celebrating Pride Month in June.

The documents also include a number of slides from professional development courses for LA teachers, one of which asserts that the Black community struggles with LGBTQ views.

The district urges educators to avoid gendered terms in the classroom, such as boys and girls and ladies and gentlemen, which, in queer theory, according to the documents, are remnants of the repressive gender binary. 

Educators were also forewarned by LAUSD that they could have to talk with the families of their minority students, particularly those of Black children, when it comes to sexual orientation.

Administrators hosted workshops with presentations on breaking the [gender] binary, giving kids free gender affirming clothing, comprehending what queer middle schoolers want teachers to know, and more during a week-long conference last fall with the theme Standing with LGBTQ+ Students, Staff, and Families.

In order to make their classrooms “queer all school year,” the documents advise teachers to encourage students to explore gender pronouns such as “they,” “ze,” and “tree.”

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