Street vendor accosted by racist man in California, gets support from loving community

Josue Torres
(Juan Aguilar/IG)

A California man who has been preparing and selling tamales across the South Bay for five years recorded a video of someone hurling anti-Mexican remarks at him.

Juan Aguilar, the seller, claimed he’d never seen before the man who came at him on the street where he sells his products.

The man cursing at him, who was subsequently identified by neighbors, stomped forcefully at him with his fists closed, according to Aguilar. 

That’s when the man began filming the video which was later shared across the community.

The community promptly organized a communal buyout for the man’s products after they saw what happened.

A community supporter secured the exact spot where the man had the encounter with the person who tried to kick him out of the street. 

Aguilar came three days later with 500 fresh tamales, which were quickly sold out.

It would be an understatement to suggest that the community buyout was a success.

The community online posts showed there were almost 1,000 supporters there.

The day was such a success that relatives of the man had to bring additional tamales. 

The family had sold 2,000 tamales by the end of the day.

The man subsequently filed a formal complaint with the police department, but he claims the event hasn’t deterred him. 

He said he’ll keep selling tamales and working hard in the hopes of one day opening a restaurant or distribution business.

One of the supporters said:

“California is not the place for people to be hateful, we stick together as one to support each other.”

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