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It seems like every week California is experiencing a new problem with the food supply chain, causing essential products and ingredients to disappear from grocery store shelves.

The problem is now hitting all the salad and veggies lovers since an essential food item is becoming increasingly difficult to find in many grocery shops around the state.

We’ve seen extraordinary supply chain interruptions over the last two years, resulting in widespread shortages of basic essentials like toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Food shortages have once again become a reality in many areas of the world, and it appears that the problem is far from gone.

The beloved product that is gone this time from many grocery stores is lettuce.

The scarcity of lettuce has pushed even fast-food chains like KFC to use substitute products. 

According to recent reports, KFC has begun utilizing cabbage instead of lettuce in its sandwiches, particularly in areas where the vegetable item is in scarce supply.

The weather has played a significant influence in the lettuce scarcity, but political unrest has also played a role. 

Agricultural markets are being hampered by global uncertainties which are increasing pressure on farmers to grow bumper crops instead of lettuce.

As a result, customers face another challenge in consistently finding inexpensive, healthy food.

It’s a disappointing turn of events for customers and businesses alike, who are all too aware of the difficulty of being unable to obtain a wide selection of things when they require them.

It’s not the first time California experiences a lettuce shortage, though.

Just last year heat waves and crop diseases affected California lettuce producers, resulting in a shortage of iceberg and romaine lettuce.

California’s harvest was harmed due to poor growing conditions.

Due to the poor supply of the crop from California, lettuce prices rose 67 percent over the previous year, according to Mintec.

The government announced this week they are investing millions into strengthening the food supply chain.

Californians hope these actions help in preventing basic food ingredients from going away from the shelves.

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