Asians and Latinos are the future of California

Josue Torres
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According to the latest Census statistics, Asians and Latinos are the two fastest-growing ethnic groups in the nation, accounting for almost a quarter of the population.

The population of California is rapidly changing. For decades, immigration from Latin America and Asia has been a major factor in the state’s population expansion, and white women have had lower birth rates than mothers of other racial and ethnic groups, particularly Latinas.

In practically every section of California, children are more diverse than adults, just as they are in all states.

With the exception of Lassen County, the proportion of Latinos in children is greater than in adults, and in 43 counties it is more than ten percentage points higher.

Meanwhile, white residents make up a smaller proportion of children than adults in virtually all counties, (with the exception of Lassen,) and they make up 10 to 20 percentage points less in all but 11 counties.

In many parts of Southern California and the rural coast, Latinos make up a substantially bigger proportion of children than adults.

In the Bay Area and Sacramento, where young people are more likely to be multiracial, the margin is lower.

In locations like the San Gabriel Valley, where more than 80% of the population is Asian or Latino, just a few individuals are both.

Being a member of two groups at the same time may be a perplexing experience since they are sharing two very different cultures.

There are more Asian Latinos in California than in any other state in the US
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There are at least 250,000 Asian Latinos in California, the majority of whom dwell in Los Angeles County. 

However, that’s just a small portion of California’s almost 40 million residents, 15 percent of whom are Asian and 39 percent Latino.

Mixed children will become more prevalent as the Asian and Latino populations continue to rise, propelled by both immigration and birth rates.

Many young Asian Latinos are trying to figure out who they are, battling preconceptions, judgments, and expectations from the outside world, and coping with perplexity that even their parents; one Asian, the other Latino, may find difficult to fathom.

They’re also witnesses to each side’s cultural identity being developed, which might result in a unique combination.

Alhambra Unified School district has a 50.1 percent Asian student body and a 40.9 percent Latino student body. However, students who are part of both ethnicities are uncommon.

As far as progress goes, the average Californian has outperformed the average American.

According to research, overall, California women do better than California males. And, among all ethnic groups, only Latinos and Asians have increased their well-being in the last decade.

As the years go by, California will surely show how it keeps evolving into a culturally rich State.

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