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The hidden San Francisco bookstore that you cannot live without

Josue Torres

San Francisco as a whole has a rich literary past and a growing roster of contemporary writers. However, the area is home to some of the country’s finest independent bookstores.

Somewhere in the streets of San Francisco hides a gem of a book store called The Booksmith.
The Booksmith.Author.

The Booksmith just relocated from Haight Street to… a little farther west on Haigh Street.

The shop currently shares a wall with Alembic, a craft cocktail bar, and hopes to allow clients to flow freely between the two; sipping a cocktail, purchasing a book, rinsing, and repeating until enlightenment is achieved.

The Booksmith is well-known throughout the country for its excellent programs.

Old salts will wax lyrical about getting drunk and rowdy at a Shipwreck event or how many free amazing discoveries they acquired at a Bookswap. Introverts will tell you everything about the Silent Reading Parties.

Covid-19, like all other aspiring cradles of culture, churned out or streamed all of the Booksmith’s activities.

For the time being, they have a new, beautiful place to break into. However, sign up for their newsletter; because come autumn, when writers start traveling in droves, they’ll be at Booksmith, after a few drinks at Alembic.

There's something for every reader here. If you can't find what you're looking for, they feature a team of excellent librarians to guide you through their incredible labyrinth of books. Each member of their team has a mix of old favorites and recent reads on display.

You’ll definitely connect with one of them reading styles and want to come back to remain current.

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