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Boy who ran away from his Mission Street home found safe thanks to caring community

Josue Torres
The boy who was safely returned to his family.Courtesy of SFPD.

The 8-year-old San Francisco kid who police said ran away from his Mission Street home was found safe and reunited with his family Tuesday night, officials said.

According to authorities, the kid fled his house in the 1000 Ave. of Mission Street about noon on Tuesday.

According to police, at about 6 p.m., a security guard at a grocery shop on Third and King streets spotted a child who was alone in the store and contacted police to check on his well-being.

According to authorities, a police patrol team that had been looking for the kid came to the shop and verified that it was the same child who had fled his house hours before.

According to authorities, he was in excellent health and had not been the victim of any crimes.

According to authorities, officials reunited the child with his father.

Police said that this is a wonderful example of a community member seeing ‘something’ and saying ‘something,’ and as a result, a little kid is back home.

Residents from the neighborhood expressed how happy they all were when they found out the kid was safe and reunited with his family.

“We all were very concerned when we found out about his disappearance. You never know how things can turn out in a situation like this. I have three kids and I can imagine how stressful and excruciating something like that can be,” one neighbor said.

“When we found out he was safe we got a sense of relief and happiness, it feels great to be part of a community that cares about each other. Moments like this teach us to never dismiss the impact of the help we can offer to others,” another neighbor said.

Good news like this isn’t usual; whenever we hear of any circumstances like this, the best thing we can do is to always be on the lookout and help the affected family — and the police with any kind of information.

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