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Burger King customer complained that a worker's uniform was distracting her husband

Josue Torres

A popular video on social media showed how a woman expressed her displeasure when a customer made a remark about her Burger King uniform, accusing it of being a “distraction” to her spouse.

The Burger King employee, says in the video caption, “I had a lady complain today because my uniform was a ‘distraction’ to her husband...”

The woman explaining the encounter with the customer.Rockefeller.o

Throughout the video, the woman is dressed in what seems to be the typical Burger King uniform — a grey cap, polo shirt, and jeans.

The L.A. Burger King employee then delivers a great comeback, implying that it was the jeans the thing that the customer had an issue with:

“I suppose I’ll leave my a** at home next time,” the woman jokes before she flips off the camera.

“You’re supposed to have the shirt tucked in,” someone said in a comment.

“I only untucked it because she started yelling at me,” the woman replied.

Since it was posted a few days ago, the video has gotten over 18.9 million views, 4.3 million likes, and tens of thousands of comments from individuals who felt the customer was in the wrong.

“The husband gotta leave the eyes at home next time,” a user said.

“She’s mad at the wrong person,” another person said.

“Distracting him from what? From ordering at Burger King,” someone asked.

“Apparently she was trying to tell him something and he wasn’t paying attention, so she got upset,” the woman replied.

One of the most liked comments in the video accuses the customer of being a Karen:

“And that’s why Karens will be the fall of America”.

This is not the first time where a popular video shows a situation that questions whether what a woman is wearing is causing a problem.

In early May, a mother accused a security guard of attempting to throw her out of a theme park because of her shorts. Then, in April, a lady claimed on social media that a guy had taken a picture of her as she was working out at a gym.

Women and their appearance at the workplace

According to a recent study, one in every four women has been reprimanded about their appearance at work, with the most commonly mentioned problems being too much makeup and skirt length.

According to the latest study, a substantial 35% of managers consider female employees to be a “distraction” to their male coworkers, straddling the line between professional standards and blatant sexism.

Other red flags for these managers were tops that were considered excessively exposing (30%), slogan t-shirts (18%), and general outfit flamboyance (15%).

Men were reprimanded mostly for not being clean-shaven and for their footwear choice.

These results are especially troubling considering that males in the workplace are almost never penalized for their clothes in any way.

The extreme focus on women’s bodies is troubling enough on its own, but it becomes much more troubling when it enters the workplace.

The concept of “victim-blaming” was studied in 1966, when Melvin Lerner and Carolyn H. Simmons, two behavioral scientists at the University of Kentucky published cutting-edge research about the need for humans to live in a just world by rationalizing that victims, were somehow deserving of their circumstances.

Following the principle of that study, if we can point to controllable, outside factors, such as a top, makeup, a skirt, or a pair of jeans as the reason for the behavior of the people who say women are a "distraction", it makes us feel safer, however, it will still be totally wrong.

“Our bodies are not a distraction,” someone said in support of the Burger King worker.

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