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Jackie Vigil’s Murderer Finally Indicted

Josie Klakström

Jackie was shot in the head while reversing down the driveway of her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on the 19th of November 2019. Her killer fled the scene but was picked up in San Antonio soon after on federal immigration charges, as he was in the US illegally.
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Luis Talamantes-Romero and his friends were on a crime spree that night, where they broke into cars and eventually escalated to murder. He was charged with murder, tampering with evidence, aggravated burglary and being a felon in possession of a firearm and theft.

21-year-old Isaac Ramirez was also charged, and he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary and larceny.

Jackie Vigil worked at a daycare center, and her grown sons are both New Mexico State Police Officers. Her husband Sam thought someone was delivering a newspaper.

"…Then I noticed Jackie was kind of leaning sideways, and I looked and I starting knocking on the window of the car, and I saw the bullet hole, then I could see blood running from the side of her head," he told

According to Bernalillo County District Attorney Raul Torrez, numerous residents came forward to identify Luis Talamantes-Romero as Jackie’s killer.

Now, Luis Talamantes-Romero has been indicted for the murder of Jackie Vigil. In the meantime, Sam Vigil plans to move away from Alberquerque to start a new life away from the violence he finds himself surrounded by.

“You're scared to look out the window, you're scared to go out the door because you don't know what's going to be happening to you, and that's not a way to live," he told KOAT. "We have become prisoners in our own home, and it's not fair to the citizens of Albuquerque."

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