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Montana Cold Case Has Been Closed

Josie Klakström

The double murder in Great Falls has finally been solved.
Patty Kalitzke and Duane BogleCorpus Christi Times 1956

16-year-old Patty Kalitzke and her boyfriend Duane Bogle were murdered in Great Falls on the 2nd of January 1956, and their case has remained unsolved, until now.

Patty, who was a junior still attending Great Falls High School and her boyfriend, who was a Malmstrom airman, were hiking along Sun River near Wadsworth Park when they were killed.

The following day, three children found Duane’s body next to his car, and the day after, a road worker found the body of Patty on Vineyard Road.

An autopsy showed that Patty had been assaulted, and the pair were both shot.

At the time, even James ‘Whitey’ Bulger was a suspect in their deaths, as he had been in the area at the time. Through genealogy and DNA testing, they were able to rule out the mob boss from their investigations, but they were still unsure who their killer was.

In 2019, Bode Technology was given the DNA sample on file from Patty’s body, and they were able to find a genetically compatible link to one man; Kenneth Gould.

Gould lived around a mile from Patty’s home and worked with horses. He had no criminal record, and he continued to work and provide for his family after the killings. After he murdered Patty and Duane, he sold the house he owned and moved to Tracy, which is southeast of Great Falls.

"I think if you just look at the circumstances," said Detective Sergeant Jon Kadner to Great Falls Tribune. "You had two young, vibrant individuals that were well-liked among their peer group...investigators poured their heart and soul into this case. They leave a little bit of themselves, from what I've seen."

Gould was around 29 years old when he killed the couple. Unfortunately, he died in 2007, before his involvement in the case was known.

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