Police Release Video and Images of Homicide

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Montgomery County Cold Case Task Force has released video footage and photos of a murder that happened on Monticello Drive.

Images from the video footage.Montgomery Police Department

The homicide of Steven White Jr. has baffled police for two and a half years, and now they want the public’s help to catch his killers, once and for all.

Images from the video footage.Montgomery Police Department

On the 24th of November 2018, Steven left the Alabama Hotel on the 5900 block in Montgomery County around 11.50 pm. A fleet of cars is seen on the video, leaving the area in unison, but Steven’s vehicle is not one of them.

It was later seen that several people were shooting Steven’s car just before the cars exited the area. After receiving an emergency call, police and Fire Medics arrived at the scene around 12.06 am. 28 year old Steven later died from gunshot wounds, and a second person survived their injuries.

Images from the video footage.Montgomery Police Department

Now, Montgomery County investigators are asking the public for help. Authorities want the names of the drivers of the vehicles in the video, as they are potential suspects or witnesses to the murder.

The request for information comes just months after the same task force asked the public for help with Elizabeth Spence’s case, offering a $35,000 reward for information about the 27 year old’s murder in 1991.

In January 2020, it was reported that there was a $5,000 reward available for information surrounding Steven’s murder, but this hasn’t been mentioned recently.

Anyone with information regarding the video should call the Montgomery Cold Case Task Force at 334-832-2550 or Crime Stoppers at 215-STOP or toll free at 1-833-AL1-STOP.

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