New Suspect in JonBenet Ramsey’s Murder Mystery

Josie Klakström

Will we finally get a resolution to this infamous cold case?
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Nearly 25 years after her murder, JonBenét Ramsey may finally be the next victim to have genealogy DNA used in her case, as a new suspect is found.

The six year old’s murder is one of the most notorious unsolved cases in the United States, and there’s always been speculation as to why she was killed, and who did it.

In the early hours of the 26th of December, the Ramsey family woke up to catch a flight to their second home in Michigan on their private plane, for the remainder of the Christmas vacation. Mother Patsy went downstairs to start breakfast for the family when she discovered a ransom note addressed to her husband John, demanding $118,000 - John's work bonus that year - for the safe return of their daughter, JonBenét. It told the Ramseys not to contact the police, and that they would be in contact between 8 am to 10 am that day. They called the police, regardless.

Police arrived at the Ramsey’s home, but due to the holidays, the experienced officers were off duty, leaving the rookies to deal with the kidnapping. In the meantime, the Ramseys had called their friends, the Whites, to help with the search for JonBenét. The couple arrived soon after the police and were allowed to enter the house, something that would now be prohibited. Meanwhile, John secured the ransom money for the kidnappers.

Police secured JonBenét’s bedroom and a wiretap was placed on the Ramsey’s landline by the police. This was around 10am, so the window of time the kidnappers had claimed they would call had been and gone, yet no one mentioned this fact. The FBI left the house soon after but one additional officer was left behind with the Ramseys. Detective Linda Arndt from Boulder Police Department suggested that John kept himself busy by searching the house for any clues.

JonBenét was found in the basement that afternoon by her father and his friend. She was wrapped up in a blanket, with duct tape covering her mouth and a garrotte tied around her neck. Six-year-old JonBenét was dead.

Her parents were scrutinised for years by the media, that made them lead suspects in her case, but the couple was never charged, but neither was anyone else. Now, two decades later, there’s been a break in the case.

According to Radar Online, Roscoe J. Clark and Derek Brommerich believe they’ve found a suspect in the case. The men, who aren’t involved with the authorities, but instead run an online group relating to JonBenét’s murder, travelled to Colorado and gathered DNA from someone they believe is a suspect.

The DNA was obtained from a used cigarette, and was passed onto Under Sheriff Mike Angus of Genesee County, and from there it will go to the FBI for testing.

“This could be the breakthrough everyone has been waiting for during the past 24 years and it’s based on hard evidence and forensic science. I’m 100-percent positive we have the right suspect, and we can’t rule this person out,” Roscoe J. Clark told Radar Online.

If this unnamed suspect did indeed murder JonBenét Ramsey, it will rule out long-thoughtout theories about the family's involvement in the case.

Do you think this is the lead detectives needed to solve the case, or are web sleuths clutching at straws?

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