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Josie Klakström

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I’m by no means a Royalist, but I am British and with that comes some curiosity surrounding the Monarchy. After watching the interview with Harry, Meghan and Oprah, and the explosive allegations made in the two-hour programme, I have some questions about what actually went down, during the couple’s time at the Palace.

Was Meghan truly denied mental health aid?

According to the interview, Meghan approached the Human Resources department and asked for help with her mental health, but her request was denied. Allegedly, “They said, ‘My heart goes out to you, but there’s nothing we can do to protect you because you’re not a paid employee of the institution.”

So why didn’t she go elsewhere and hire her own therapist? If that move wasn’t ‘good for the institution’ but devastating to her health, why didn’t she do it anyway? She was given access to the family’s doctors during her pregnancy but instead chose her own medical team, and there was no issue with that decision. Over the years, Harry has spoken about his therapy and was highly praised for his openness, so why wouldn’t Meghan be allowed the same treatment, paid employee or not?

Did Kate really make Meghan cry?

We heard during the interview with Oprah that Meghan didn’t make Kate cry before her wedding, during a conversation about bridesmaid dresses, but allegedly it was the other way around.

“It made me cry. It really hurt my feelings. I don’t say that to be disparaging to anyone, because it was a really hard week of the wedding. She was upset about something, but she owned it, and she apologized.”

Considering the accounts we’ve heard from sources inside the Palace, do we believe that Meghan wasn’t the instigator of this upset? According to Royal correspondent, Camilla Tominey, no one from the Palace ever reached out to refute the allegations that the incident was reported incorrectly, as with other stories.

How angry are the public going to be about the fake royal wedding?

It was revealed that the couple got married before their multi-million-pound wedding in Windsor. According to Meghan, the couple were married in secret by the Archbishop of Canterbury days three days earlier. UK taxpayers contributed towards the wedding, which cost around £32million, but in light that they were already married, this has certainly put into question where else my money has gone over the years, to help pay for this couple.

Why did the family’s opinion of Meghan change after the Australian tour?

According to Harry, his family were welcoming to Meghan, until their trip to Australia in 2018. Is it because of the accusations that she bullied staff during her 16-day tour of New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji and Australia?

In June last year, Harry and Meghan were allegedly asked to leave Prince Charles’ 70th birthday celebrations at Buckingham Palace. Lady Colin Campbell claimed that Meghan told Harry that the event was ‘boring’ and moments later, Charles and Camilla spoke to Harry and the pair left abruptly. However, no one will ever know exactly what happened, but the truth remains that Meghan herself said that she was given no guidance about her new life within the Royal Family.

When asked by her fiancé if she could curtsy, Meghan believed he was joking, "I thought genuinely that was what happens outside I thought that was part of the fanfare. I didn't think that was what happens inside. And I said, 'But it’s your grandmother,' and he said, 'It’s the Queen.'”

Royal correspondent, Katie Nicholl, told BBC News that Meghan knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she decided to join the Royal Family and both her and Kate Middleton was given the same support. The Duchess of Cambridge was given access to the press office, private secretaries and had help on hand whenever she needed it. A very different story to the one Meghan told Oprah.

The picture the couple has now painted of the Royal Family is one of racism and exclusion, and there’s now no way back from it.

In an interview on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan, Chaka Khan said, “I think when the Royal Family does look into all of her ‘false’ accusations, they’re going to have to look pretty deep. And I’m hoping and praying that they will look into what she’s allegating [sic] and make it right.”

This morning, media correspondents will brief The Queen about the points in the interview and will decide on their response to the allegations, but considering the inquiry into the bullying accusations made by staff, the claims of racial discrimination will likely be looked into thoroughly.

It will be very interesting to hear the Palace’s response in the next few days, given the attack on the family and specific members of the institution.

Harry and Meghan have said that they left the Royal duties to lead a private life, yet they’ve gone on national television to criticise the Palace with apparent ‘follow-up’ interviews in the works. Their deals with Netflix and Spotify are estimated to be worth $100million, plus their pair’s reported combined wealth of $50million, they’ve hardly been left high and dry.

If Meghan was expecting to live in a castle, be invited to awards shows and wear designer clothing, she was highly mistaken. Sorry Meghan, royalty is not celebrity. However, one thing’s for certain; she and Prince Harry have brought the Monarchy hurtling into the modern era with their televised character assassination.

Do you think the interview was truthful or were the couple looking for an opportunity to chastise the institution because they weren’t given what they wanted?

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