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How do Dallas locals handle these severe storms?

Joshua Douglas

I’ve lived here for 2 years. and I really struggle with these tornado threats. I have massive amounts of tornado anxiety. Before i moved everyone I talked to would say “I’ve never experienced a tornado” “there don’t actually happen that much” “you don’t have to worry”

But I’m so confused how people say that. maybe they are in a different DFW cause there’s been multiple times in these two years where tornadoes have hit the DFW. like Friday for example, there was an increased risk.

How do you guys handle this? How do you prepare? How are you not terrified? Texans are very calm about it but I'm extremely anxious

I’m from Ohio. I’m not new to tornadoes but they are more intense here. and we have basements in Ohio so i’d be fine. Houses don’t have them here. People say “get to the center of your home in a bathroom” but I don’t trust that as a safe solution because you’re still on ground level. I don’t see how you’d be safe

Maybe there’s some perspective you guys have that could help me? Maybe there’s some stat or idea that could help me, because i’m in full panic mode today.

Tim Hagen

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