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FOOD ALERT: Inside the Seattle 7/11 Regional Warehouse

Joshua Douglas
7/11 Regional Warehouse

If you eat any refrigerated food at 7/11 then you're pretty brave, its thrown in bins like basketballs in the chill room with items constantly falling on the dirty floor [your salads too] and picked back up and put back in. People will purposely step on the lunchables in attempt to damage it enough to get them put into the break room as damaged, a lot of the times they just go back in the bin. I've never seen anyone wash their hands either, only thing the bathroom really gets used for it nasty temps peeing on the walls and for the alcoholics to drink in the stall and hide their beers in the trash can. Yeah the bathroom smells like hobo pee and beer. Don't get me started on leadership, one was let go for stalking a temp after being denied. We had a slower temp one day and the fool opened a nesquick and started drinking it as he put food away, we asked him what he's doing the only boss who actually cared would be in soon, so he just closed it and put it back in the bin, we all just looked at each other laughed and kept working.

The doughnuts are good though, we don't get to handle them, they come in hot from Canada (yes they import doughnuts and the daily driver is a grump) and we just put the cooked doughnut bin on top of the dry food before it goes in the trucks

Dry food area is nice, just a bunch of chatting ladies doing their job correctly. Often miscounted but at least its never been purposely stepped on.

Let us know in the comments if you know about other food safety situations in Seattle?

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Seattle, WA

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