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Car battery died at the Denver Airport - PSA for anyone this happens to

Joshua Douglas
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I had to fly out of state to visit family over the weekend, and like the genius I am, I left one of the lights in my car on and my battery was completely dead when I got back. Exactly the kind of thing you want to return to after a day of traveling.

I called AAA and the ETA was 2 hours. I figured I would call other local towing companies and see if they could get there any sooner. The dispatcher told me that if I called airport security they would jump it for free. I called and they were there in 5 minutes with a free jump. I was pretty ecstatic as Murphy's law has been sucker punching me for the past month.

So, just in case anyone who reads this ever finds themself in this awkward situation, just know that you can get your car jump started for free at the Denver Airport.

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