The Bachelor is a smudge between reality and narrative!

The Bachelor by Andrew Palmer is a fiction smudged between reality and the stories constructed around us. The theme sits at the center of Rachel Cusk’s Outline trilogy. The Bachelor by Andrew Palmer will be out on July 20. It bounces off the reality TV screen, where life imitates TV imitating life.

It is a narration of the TV reality shows The Bachelor. The writer attaches himself to the stories of others. He also develops an obsession with the life and work of poet John Berryman, who led an eventful and raucously unhappy life, drifting between drink and women.

The Bachelor somewhere talks about the author's own experience. The book talks about a story that becomes inextricable from commentary. The two Bachelors, one acting, the other struggling to make sense of action, merge almost imperceptibly into one. Palmer has weaved a playful meta-commentary of the show Bachelor.

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