One Two Three, a story about three teenagers in an alternate universe.

One Two Three by Lauri Frankel is based on three triplets in the town of Bourne. Mab, Monday, and Mirabel Mitchel are three sisters who live with their widowed mother Nora in Bourne. The small town of Bourne was taken over by the Belsum Chemical corporation. The chemical corporation has left the river bright green and left it for the residents to tackle future defects.

The three sisters Mab (born first and the most normal of three), two Monday (loves yellow, second, she appears to be functioning autistic), third Mirabel ( she was brain damaged in utero, has brain lesions, but intelligent of all three). The book has three chapters, and each chapter tells the story of each one of them in one, two, and three parts of the novel.

Everyone in the town was affected by the polluted water, Nora lost her husband, and the girls lost their father. One Two Three is a fiction book and tells us about the story and life of the people in the town. The Belsum Chemical corporation comes back to ruin the river and how the polluted river has caused a tremendous loss to all the residents.

Nora, a mother of three, goes against the chemical corporation and finds facts behind the town's stifle. She gets a break when an insider helps her, who took the shine from Mab. It is a heartful read, an ecological fable, and talks about cultural views and people with disabilities. One Two Three makes for a propulsive read, and the author Laurie has well-witted the story.

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