Just for you, indeed just for us. A must-read book for mental health problems.

There's no doubt that the Covid 19 pandemic affected the lives of humans disastrously. The economy, businesses, and education are badly affected by the Corona Virus. Not only did it damage the physical life of the infected people, but it also disturbed the mental health of humans.

I had this girl in my first year of high school. She never had friends, nor did she talk to anyone in the class. The next year, she left school, and then I found out that she had depression. I felt sad for not helping her.

Now, you might be wondering how this is relevant to the one I wrote in the beginning. The girl was mentally disturbed, and the same is with most people in the present time. Recently I came across a book, Just For You, written by a 17 years old Seattle girl, Evangelina Laufert.

And when I read it, I was mesmerized by the content she mentioned in the book. It all was so inspiring and refreshing. She perfectly described the ways to cope with depression and imbalance in mental health. She wanted to tell people that "mental health doesn't look a certain way, and it can manifest in anyone, irrespective of anything.

People need to understand every little thing about mental health and issues. There are a lot of things mentioned in this book that will help you to regain your strength. The book will help you to analyze your current mental health. It will also help you in overcoming various situations and mental health problems. "Just for you" is worth reading!

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