Walker And Warnock Senate Run-off: A New Survey Reveals Who is Ahead in The Contentious Ga Senate Runoff

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Less than a week before the much-awaited Georgia runoff, a new poll shows that Sen. Raphael Warnock, a Democrat from Georgia, is leading Herschel Walker, a Republican political rookie, and former professional football player, in the campaign for the Senate.

According to a CNN/SSRS poll issued on Friday, Warnock leads Walker by four points among likely voters, 52% to 48%. If the election were held today, 61% of independent likely voters said they would favor Warnock, while 36% would choose Walker for the Senate.

Approximately 42% of prospective voters claimed that the candidates' moral character and integrity were the most significant factors in determining their vote for the Senate, while 57% said that the candidates' stances on various subjects ultimately influence their vote.

Additionally, the poll found that Walker received 39% of support from probable voters while incumbent Warnock is viewed favorably by 50% of Georgians.

46% of Georgians who are likely to vote to say that the economy and inflation are the most important concerns heading into the runoff, 17% believe that voting rights and election integrity are the most important issues, and 16% said abortion is their most important concern.

Over 10% of Georgians did not prioritize any other issue above immigration, crime, or gun laws. The poll is comparable to the average of runoff election polls from Real Clear Politics, which shows Warnock leading Walker 51% to 48%.

With 26% of the vote, the three most important concerns to potential Democratic voters were voting, election integrity, and abortion. The economy and inflation were regarded as the most important issues by Republicans (66%) and independents (47%).

Abortion became a hot topic in several midterm campaigns, including Georgia's, after the Democrats spent hundreds of millions of dollars on it this season.

When asked what restrictions on abortion Georgia should impose, respondents indicated that 50% thought it should be lawful with some restrictions, 37% thought it should be permitted in all situations, and 13% thought it should be outlawed in all situations.

In his reelection campaign, Warnock is viewed by nearly 50% of respondents as having the appropriate priorities, while Walker is viewed by 43% of respondents as having the proper intentions going into the runoff.

The survey's respondents also gave President Biden a disapproval rating of 57% and a 42% approval rating for how he handled the administration.

With a plus or minus 3.0 percentage point margin of error, the CNN/SSRS poll was conducted from November 25 to November 29.

Both Senate candidates fell short of the requisite 50% of the midterm votes to be declared the winner, forcing the contest to a runoff in November. Walker and Warnock will face the battle in a runoff on Tuesday.


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