Liberating Towns Gives The Ukrainian Military A Boost In The Fight In Ukraine

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The Ukrainian strongman, Oleksii said that he has a good sense of security on his horizon since they are on their property. And, surprisingly, the ground will give them help. Regardless of the sound of little arms fire nearby, ordnance adjusts detonating and landing close by, and the roar of Russian warplanes above — this is the situation!

He and the little gathering of Ukrainian warriors are currently involved in an area that lies on the border between the Donetsk and Luhansk territories. the same domain that Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared to be forever Russian.

The D1 National Guard Unit of Ukraine has made significant progress over the previous week, moving more than 20 kilometers (12 miles) east of the newly freed city of Lyman in the Donetsk area. They are currently located at a previous Russian position in a wooded area, still in the Russian army's rear. "Forever Russia" has already reverted to some Ukrainian control. Now the defending army is Russia.

For the Ukrainian army, the turn of events has been a boost. Even though they are still in range, there is an obvious air of confidence among them. Ilya, a different team member, said, "We can retake territory, but the Russians cannot. Because they are weak now, they're scared of us, they're running from us."

The gap between Ukrainian and Russian discipline and morale is clearly illustrated by this attitude. Remains of the retreating Russian army, including empty cans, ration packs, boots, bottles, and clothing, are scattered across the ground and hanging from trees.

Oleksii claims that when they fly their little drone, they frequently reveal their whereabouts by using abandoned Russian trash. For communication, they use one of Elon Musk's Starlink satellite kits. They claim that it has been functional all week.

More evidence of Russia's dwindling military can be seen when you go through the Donbas. We saw Ukrainian forces remove a troop carrier and a sizable self-propelled cannon that were still bearing the Russian "Z" markings.

More Russian armor has now been taken by Ukraine than it has received from the West. Numerous further burned-out military vehicles that couldn't be repaired are now decaying by the sides of the roadways. Unused ammunition boxes are gathered to be used against their previous owners. Lethal mines are still scattered throughout the Donbas, and it will take years to clean them.

Any happiness felt by Ukrainian soldiers is not necessarily shared by the communities they have liberated from Russian rule. Liberation leaves behind an expensive legacy.

People who survived the bombardment are concerned about how they would endure the winter. There are tens of thousands of people without running water and electricity.

Around 80% of Lyman's city has either been destroyed or severely damaged. They were startled awake at 5:30 a.m. by a Russian rocket that had narrowly missed their house. Natalia says that living right now is difficult and downright miserable.

Natalia added, "We are like ants. We were trampled on and those who survived now carry firewood. And those who did not are buried." She also tries to avoid blaming either side for her woes.

Mother of two young children Kataryna explains her predicament as follows: She claims that "Russia still has a lot of power, which is why it is scary that they might return. Because the city has already suffered very badly, and if the city will be passed back and forth from hand to hand, then nothing will remain, including people".

She claims that all she wants right now is power and tranquility. She is unlikely to receive either this winter.


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