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Hombre muere tras ser atropellado en Prairieville

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A 58-year-old man, a resident of Prairieville and identified as Bret Millet, was violently run over this Saturday morning on the LA-42 highway very close to the I-10 interstate.

According to the state police version, Bret walked very close to the road when he was dressed by a 47-year-old driver who fled when he saw what happened, the injured man was taken to the nearby hospital where he died hours later.

The alleged driver was identified as Casey Cantrelle, 47 years old, who returned to the scene sometime later and was arrested by the police for running over, escaping, and driving without vehicle insurance.

The police declare that none of those involved are suspected of being under any illicit substance.

If you are a pedestrian, remember that the LA-42 highway is a road with a huge vehicular load and with little space to walk safely, it is essential to remember to avoid such roads to practice sports, walk or transport yourself outside of vehicles, and if you are going to do it! Use due caution, light clothing, and a flashlight that helps you become visible in hours of low natural light.

If you are a regular driver of this highway or some other with little or no space for sidewalks, remember to be friendly with people who travel outside of vehicles, give them the respective space when overtaking them, use as much light as you can when driving at night and a moderate speed that allows you to react correctly to obstacles or people inside the cart, it will always be your best ally

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