How to Get into The Right Mindset to Create Content

Jordan Mendiola

Pretend like you’re not doing it for money for one minute.

Drop all of the stress of your bills and the guilt behind creating. So what, you don’t get paid the big bucks like other creators? You’re still you.

You are unique in your own way. Your stories hold value to a specific audience, and you matter.

No matter what the viral creator gurus tell you, creating content requires a lot of brain power. We all know that. We get burnt out, we take breaks, or we quit altogether.

It can be extremely euphoric coming up as a creator, but it’s an even more miserable ending if you stop for good.

You should be excited to create, not the opposite.

If you’re a writer, you should be blessed you have a functioning computer where you can share your thoughts and opinions.

The startup costs of being a creator can be costly. Think about the people who would die to create content, but don’t have the capital to buy start-up products.

A scared creator is a weak creator.

  • Don’t ever let anyone realize that you’re afraid your content won’t go viral.
  • Think back to when you created content for free and actually enjoyed it.
  • Stop being so hard on yourself.
  • Authenticity goes further than acting fake.

We need to work on being more grateful for the opportunity to create rather than being frustrated with the results.

Self-doubt will hit you again, and again.

Even the all-time greats have self-doubt even when they’ve arguably “made it”. But do they show it? No, they stick to their craft and keep creating.

If you feel underqualified or far behind your peers, so what?

We’re all stuck in a rat race, trying to climb to the top and take home the cheese. But what if you’re the little mouse that keeps climbing, slowly, but surely? You’ll eventually get the cheese.

It’s a race, not a sprint.

  • Don’t overwork yourself to the point where you burn out (I’m guilty of this).
  • Handle your business in your life so that it frees up the mental capacity to create your content.
  • If you keep drilling your creation process, you’ll eventually pop off.

The Biggest Takeaway

Creating content requires the proper mindset. If you’re overthinking every single move you make, then you’re going to crash and burn — hard.

Reach out to people you love and care about. Ask them to critique your content. Be open to feedback and leave room to innovate.

Whatever you do, don’t stop creating. Creativity enriches our bodies with positive vibes and connections bound to come your way.

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