5 Quick Tips for TikTok Creators

Jordan Mendiola

TikTok has become one of my favorite places to create content. The app is full of all types of creators, and everything is in video format — something more of this generation has grown to appreciate.

It has been five months since I started becoming a regular Tik Tok creator and it’s a blast once you get accustomed to things.

I hope that my tips provide you with the tools and confidence to be a Tik Tok creator who can share content on the platform.

1. Build a clean and simple profile/bio for yourself.

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Here’s my current profile. I provide a simple phrase like “out here living life” because that’s what you can expect.

I added a line “Open to collab” just in case there’s a business or brand that would like me to shout them out.

The last line in my bio tells the person visiting my profile the content I produce most often.

You don’t need to tell your life story on Tik Tok. Instead of an elevator pitch, this is your profile pitch.

2. Make sure your profile grid is appealing.

As mentioned in my bio, you can expect festivals, sports, travel, and life.

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There are a wide variety of videos with captions in front of them so the viewer knows exactly what they’re about to watch.

One key mistake I see a lot of viewers make is a lack of titles. It’s not required but it does give your viewers insight.

The way you package your content is either going to earn you a follow or steer them away. The more well-put-together your grid is, the more followers will be willing to check out your content.

3. Videos you least expect will go viral.

My girlfriend Samantha told me this piece of advice because she was a huge content creator back during the Pandemic. She noticed that the videos she least expected to perform actually got a lot of views.

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If you disregard the numbers, keep posting and continue creating content you enjoy making, good things will happen.

Users can sniff out creators who are trying hard to get views. I prefer to be myself, post stuff relevant to me and my life, and let the chips fall where they may.

4. Adding music is a bonus, but not always necessary.

One of my favorite features about Tik Tok is that us creators get to use music without any copyright claims *Cough cough YouTube.

Tik TokPhoto byAuthor

Music adds an extra layer of intrigue and creativity. Not all videos need music because the video is strong enough to stand alone.

But, if you have a certain sound that could sound really good, plug it in and review your final product to see if it flows.

Most “sounds” range from 15 seconds to 1 minute long. Anything more than that is hard to find, but most people don’t watch videos for more than 10 seconds.

5. Short videos typically perform better.

People come to Tik Tok when they’re in a waiting room or on the toilet. It’s an app you use for quick entertainment.

Google SearchPhoto byGoogle

If you prefer posting videos longer than 1 minute YouTube could be a better fit for you.

Many of us have short attention spans and don’t care to give more than 10 seconds of our time. TikTok creators are allotted as much as 10 minutes, but I’ve rarely seen any.

Final Thought

Content creation is an incredible tool to express ourselves, our opinions, and unleash our creative sides.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll set yourself up for a better overall experience on TikTok.

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