3 Steps for Dealing With Rejection

Jordan Mendiola

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Anyone who ever became successful has faced rejection in their lifetime.

Without rejection, there is no room for improvement or innovation. Life would be so mundane if we got everything we wanted with ease.

There’s something enticing about earning it. If you’re here, you might have been rejected and have a head full of negativity.

I would argue that not enough people face rejection nowadays. The lack of trying, scratching, and clawing for something meaningful to you will lead to a frictionless and mediocre outcome.

1. Do not take rejection personally.

Did you apply for a job you thought you’d get? Perhaps you asked the girl you liked out, but she said no? Did you try to make your first sale, but it flopped?

All forms of rejection are data — data for you to understand the why. I’ve been turned down by jobs simply because someone was more “qualified”. Instead of feeling inadequate, I used this as a chip on my shoulder to keep going.

The world will reject you for silly things — things out of your control, and you have to accept that. Just nod your head and keep it moving. Don’t stop.

2. Accept criticism and feedback.

We don’t like to hear negativity especially when it’s directed toward ourselves. It's normal to feel sour and salty when someone gives you negative feedback.

But that’s what matters most. Boosting your self-awareness about your strengths and weaknesses will save you disappointment.

Ask people closest to you about yourself. They’ll keep it real. Tell them not to sugarcoat anything and be open to discussion.

People who make it further in life than others are open to criticism and have thick skin when it comes to words.

3. Re-innovate yourself.

I would be shocked if there is someone you knew in high school that is the exact same person they are today.

Everybody goes through transitions. We experiment with what we like, what we don’t like, and what we’re curious about.

Pick up a new book. Hit the gym. Talk to new people. Change the content you consume. These are a few ways you can build on the person you were yesterday.

Final Thought

Rejection can make or break people.

It breaks the ones who get stuck in their own head and put themselves down.

It makes the ones who nod and keep it moving. What you do after facing rejection has the ability to change your entire direction.

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