Take a 5-Day Vacation at Least Once a Year

Jordan Mendiola

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Hello from Cancun, Mexico!

One thing I learned from my girlfriend is that you must make time for travel and adventure. I’m not just talking about adventure close to home.

Save $1,000-$2,000 for a trip and take several days off work to recoup, unwind, and exist.

You work extremely hard for your money, and instead of blowing it off at bars or clubs, you could invest towards meaningful experiences.

How I Spend Relaxing Vacations

When you arrive to your destination, take time to settle in. There’s no need to go balls to the wall when your vacation spans five or more days.

As someone who feels a bit off when there’s no work to be done, I make sure to stick to my writing and social media marketing.

Toss in a few spontaneous adventures when you can. Sam and I are going ziplining, ATV riding, and snorkeling.

Try to keep phone time to a minimum. Social media apps glorify these “dream vacations”, yet people don’t take the time to truly enjoy it once they’re there.

If you don’t take time for yourself, you’ll burn out.

It’s sad and incredible that the Pandemic was the first time some people have taken for themselves. Now that we’ve sort of made our way out of those tough times, we can get back out there.

Working overtime and always putting your work first will lead to a very unhappy life. I have great respect for people who provide support for their families, but it’s gonna catch up if they don’t focus on their happiness.

I remember the days when I worked from home and wrote 5–7 articles a day, nonstop. I burned out and didn’t write a single word for 6 months.

Now, I make sure to post one article a day Monday through Friday.

A healthy balance will lead to long-term happiness.

I love traveling, but I do it about once every few months.

I love writing, but I do it once per day (only on weekdays).

I love drinking, but only do it socially.

I love eating, but only in moderation.

Wants versus needs is a focal point with happiness. We need to work, make money, and eat food. But we don’t want to over-work ourselves, hate our jobs, and always order take out.

Final Thought

A five-day vacation is plenty of time to get away from work and not think about work and spend it how you’d like.

If you don’t have kids, even better.

Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends are cool. Visiting family for Thanksgiving and Christmas is necessary.

But picking a random five-day vacation period for yourself is unmatched.

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