4 Things That Make You Strikingly Irresistible

Jordan Mendiola

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When it comes to attraction and desirability, it can be hard to pinpoint the key characteristics that attract people to them.

Looks can be superficial, but they still carry a heavy amount of weight when it comes to attraction. If you’re here to seek self-improvement, perfect. I don’t think people should ever feel like they need to change, but instead, better themselves.

I have listed out all of the characteristics, habits, tangibles, and intangibles that make someone desirable and compiled a list of 4 things that can make a person irresistable.

1. They Have a Sense of Style

Style can refer to the clothes that you wear all the way to the style of living you currently do. Some common senses of style that are popular include:

  • Sporty/Athletic
  • Business Casual/Formal
  • Hype Beast/Designer Clothes
  • Simple/Target/Ross/Marshalls/ (I love Target)
  • Skater/Biker/Runner
  • Experimental/Flamboyant/Unique
  • Retro/Hipster/Casual

When deciding your sense of style consider a few things:

  1. Which sense of style speaks to you most? When people get their first impression of you, which side do you want to show them?
  2. What type of people are you most likely to approach? For instance, if you’re sporty and love talking to other gym goers, that might be the one.

2. They Have Confidence/Swagger

People are becoming so good at human psychology thanks to Netflix shows like You. They can sniff out someone who puts on a front, and someone who is real, genuine, and comfortably themselves.

You can fake it until you make it with confidence for a little, but it will die out in the long-run.

Instead, make a pros and cons list for yourself and double down on your strengths. (A little Gary Vee for ya).

3. They Bring Good Vibes

Good vibes are something everyone loves. Outside of work or school, people love to do things that make them feel good — spend time with people who make them happy.

Ever since Covid, some individuals I know have had a hard time coming back into the real world because they got too comfortable in their own bubble.

Someone who can bring good vibes no matter what situation you’re in is valuable.

Good vibes can mean that you’re funny, energetic, helpful, supportive, enthusiastic, happy, intelligent, useful, or entertaining.

4. They Are a Strong Communicator (Verbal & Text)

Communication is key. We hear that as the most common relationship advice, but it can be applied to everyone you’re in touch with.

What are some traits of a strong communicator?

  • They speak loud enough to hear, clearly to where they don’t have to repeat themselves and have a purpose behind their words.
  • They listen. When it’s your turn to speak, they zip it, give you their full attention (without their phone), and show interest, ask questions, etc.
  • They return your texts promptly. They use emojis, effects, send pictures, have few errors in their messages, and keep things fun and interesting.

Final Thought

Attraction is such a broad spectrum because there are so many factors. But if you narrow it down to just a few things that you can do really well versus doing a lot of other things poorly, then you can attract what you want — the people you want in your life, and so much more.

Remember to love and respect yourself. You are amazing however you are, but if you want to make some slight improvements to yourself, then this is a great way to start.

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