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Reasons Why People Move From the Country to a Big City

Jordan Mendiola
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Living in the city has its perks compared to living in the countryside. For people who want to be somewhere things happen, the city is perfect.

For those who prefer a slower pace, peace, and quiet, then the countryside is perfect for them. As someone who has spent time both in the countryside of Germany and the city of Chicago, I can definitely say that the city is where it’s at.

That could be dependent on the simple fact that I’m a young, adventurous soul who craves stimulation and doesn't mind being on my feet a lot. In this article, I’ll go over some key reasons people move from the countryside to a big city.

There is Always Something to Do

In the countryside, you have very few neighbors, big pieces of land, and tons of farms or crops. There aren’t as many people as there are in the city — which could be a good thing if you like your space and privacy.

In Chicago for instance, there are always live music events, amazing restaurants that are open late, and like-minded people who crave connection.

Any day in the city can feel like a movie. You could meet one person which leads to another, so on and so forth, leading to new friend groups, a bigger network, and a lot more plans.

All You Have to Do is Go Outside

Do you get bored at home easily? Are you more of a person who enjoys spontaneity and trying new things? Then the city is more your speed.

When I would visit my girlfriend in the city, all it took was us walking outside for me to feel entertained. There are so many great restaurants, people walking their dogs, and beautifully designed buildings to glance at.

Although nature walks are enjoyable, something about the city and observing human behavior keeps things interesting.

Jobs, Education, and Lifestyle

Without a doubt, there are far more job opportunities in the city than in the countryside. Finding work won’t be an issue as long as you have valuable skills, are good with people, and don’t mind trying something new.

A lot of the best educational institutions can be found in the city. Oftentimes, the money rushes into the city because that’s where things happen and that’s where people want to be.

The lifestyle in a city will keep you on your toes, and teach you a lot about yourself and other people. Most people work or go to school, but what about afterward? You can catch city people working out, meeting up with friends, exploring new places, and seeking out big events.

Final Thought

There is absolutely nothing wrong with living in the countryside. Many people who live in the city ultimately end up moving away to start a family and enjoy some peace and quiet.

For those who are young, adventurous, and social, the city awaits you. The biggest turnoffs are sirens, the sound of traffic, traffic itself, too many people, and the fact that it’s more expensive.

Regardless of the situation, the city is a great place for opportunity and experimenting a unique lifestyle.

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