5 Things I’m Really Glad I Did In My Twenties

Jordan Mendiola

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Your twenties are the best years for experimenting, failing, and taking risks. Being a young adult hasn’t been easy by any means, but it has been a journey.

I joined the Army right after high school, became obsessed with running, posted vlogs on YouTube, started blogging, and had the luxury to do a bit of traveling.

The things I did in my twenties that I’m proud of aren’t out of the ordinary. These things are achievable by anyone who wants to lead a happy life.

1. I dedicated time to my creative outlets.

Social media was something I was always intrigued by and interested in. In my early twenties, I started vlogging, writing, and shooting photography.

My artistic knack wasn’t in painting or drawing — I knew that it was something digital.

Without my creative outlets, I wouldn’t be as adventurous or fulfilled as I am today.

2. I maintained a moderate discipline in my fitness and physique.

Some kids go off to college, put on the “freshmen 15” and never come back. I had a freshman 15, felt like shit, and fixed it before it was too late.

Getting into running, pick up basketball, and hiking helped me maintain a toned physique. Daily fitness helps me tremendously with my mental health and confidence.

3. I said “yes” to things I never thought I’d do.

It’s easy to take the easy way out and say no when opportunities arise.

  • I was a freelance dog walker for 2 years which led to free studio time for YouTube videos in exchange.
  • For one year, I did freelance photography for friends and family free of charge. Now I’ll be shooting wedding photos in 2023.
  • I did a 24-hour day trip to New York and vlogged the entire thing.

Do the things that you think will make you happy. Do the things that may scare you. As long as it’s not risking your health or well-being, then it can’t possibly be that bad. Seek a little discomfort.

4. I gave everyone the best first impression I could.

It’s hard to find good, genuine people who align with your beliefs and goals. I wouldn’t have as wide range of a network as I do today if it weren’t for my warm, gentle, and easy-going first impressions.

Whenever I meet someone for the first time, I make sure to give them my full attention, show interest, and listen.

Many lifelong friendships have come from being a genuine human being. We’re meant to be social creatures, and you can’t be social if you haven’t impacted someone.

5. I met my amazing girlfriend, Samantha.

Dating apps are just for hooking up right? Nope. Sam and I met through a dating app and have had an undeniably close connection ever since.

The right person is out there waiting for you somewhere. You’ll never know unless you put yourself out there. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you won’t find the diamonds in the rough without digging.

Without my girlfriend’s amazing support and adventurous spirit, I know I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

Final Thought

We only get one shot at life and it’s better to knock out as many of our goals as possible in our twenties.

It’s also crucial to establish discipline and routine in our twenties. Being able to adapt to change, but still meet the criteria necessary to be your best self every day takes time.

But you’ll get there. Your twenties are not to be wasted. These are the years that we won’t forget. These are the years that build the foundation for the proceeding stages of adulthood.

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