8 Steps to a Better LinkedIn Profile in 2022

Jordan Mendiola

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Linked in is one of the best platforms to find a job, connect with like-minded individuals, and share your work experience. 

As someone who has been on the platform for 5+ years, I’ve learned what it takes to get the engagement, attention, and make the right impression on peers or job places. 

Here are 10 quick steps to making your Linked In profile more dynamic than others. 

1. Choose a Nice, Clean Photo of Yourself.

No mirror selfies, selfies in general, or casual photos. Have someone take a picture of you in some formal attire with a background that isn’t an eyesore. 

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I personally used a photo I had for an awards ceremony at a country club years ago. The viewer gets a clear look at me and the background is a simple green golf course.

Keep it simple. You don’t have to flex for anyone. Just have a clean, positive photo and crop it accordingly. 

2. Add a Relevant Cover Photo.

This isn’t Facebook so do your best to stay away from anything too playful or out of place with your skillset. 

For instance, I am a writer and social media manager. So, therefore I set my cover photo to a picture of someone in front of a computer making plans and working on a project — something that aligns with who I am and what I do for work. 

3. Take a Skill Quiz

Everyone can take a skill quiz on their LinkedIn profile in order to demonstrate their skillsets. You must score in the top 30% in order to get a badge next to your name. 

Photo from Author
Photo from Author

The skills badge will help you stand out to your peers. It’s impressive and not everyone has a badge. 

4. Fill out a Detailed About Me Section

Personally, I went all out on the about me portion of the LinkedIn profile. You can share some quick organized details about yourself, your experience, and much more. 

Some job places actually read this section. But regardless, it’s a place you can be personal and professional and share any and all of your accomplishments. 

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5. Share Relevant Work Experience

Although I worked five years on and off at a movie theater, I move it lower on the list because any opportunities I am seeking are in the social media/remote work sector. 

Go into depth on your work experience. Keep it clear and concise. Show everyone the skills you honed in on at each workplace no matter how big or small. 

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6. Share Media, Links, and Other Useful Information

If you are a writer for a certain platform, then share your work online. Don’t just link your profile. Give them something they can access quickly.

Many writing gigs and opportunities I’ve found have come from the simple fact that I am very open with my work. If you were featured on the company website, add that. In this tech-based world, it pays to go the extra mile in your media section. 

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7. Make Connections — Add Friends, Co-Workers, and Peers.

It’s important to have at least 500+ connections because it shows that you connect and have a wide network.

If you don’t have a big network, do your research. Look for other individuals in your line of work and connect with them. Don’t go around spamming financial accountants with requests when you are a social media marketer — make sure everything aligns.

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8. Choose The Best Title for Your Job Description

Keep it sweet and simple. Pick a title that defines the line of work you are most committed to. When people look you up on LinkedIn, they will see your job title. 

Be honest about your position and the right audience will find you. Accounts without job titles are bland. No one can work with you if they don’t know what you do. 

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Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for networking and putting yourself out there. Many job opportunities are passed on to individuals through the platform.

Although you may not be tech-savvy, it’s important to utilize all the tools LinkedIn gives us. You never know what opportunities could be in your crosshairs if you don’t put your best foot forward.

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