Why Being a Tik Tok Creator Can Be Addicting

Jordan Mendiola

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Being a creator in 2022 gives you the best opportunity to do what you love and in some cases, get compensated for your work.

I was never into Tik Tok. Ever since I met my girlfriend Sam, I noticed that it was part of her routine and slowly became part of mine. She had posts that accumulated over 30,000 views and I was impressed.

Typically a YouTube and Instagram creator, I took a chance on Tik Tok, regardless of my shortcomings. There’s a lot to learn. The editing, the length of the video, titles, SEO, and so much more.

Some Stats I Found Regarding Being a Creator in 2022

Most of us use some sort of social media at least once per day and that’s where the attention is. Companies, consumers, and creators alike are tuning in to see what’s trending, or whatever is going viral.

Although I haven’t gone viral, I have enjoyed sharing some personal posts from my life including: my girlfriend’s first time going to a Bulls game, my family cruise, Army training, and some basketball videos.

It would be amazing to one day be able to make money from sponsorships or something, but for now, it’s a creative hobby.

Most Creators Won’t Make it Big

On Tik Tok, I’m getting more views than I would on my 12-minute-long travel vlogs I post on YouTube.

Here are some benefits of Tik Tok creating Vs. YouTube:

  • The editing process for Tik Tok is much simpler.
  • Your hashtags and SEO go a long way on Tik Tok.
  • There are more Tik Tok users than on YouTube.
  • All it takes is one Tik Tok to go viral before people follow you and start sharing your content.
  • Adding music on Tik Tok is easier and more enabled than YouTube’s copyright rules.

I am a simple creator. I enjoy capturing videos of my everyday life and posting them on Snapchat and Instagram.

My current routine is to take footage from a particular event and transform it into a 1-minute video. My girlfriend Sam has used an amazing editing app for Tik Tok and has opened my eyes to a whole other creative sphere.

The First Time I Had a Video Gain Traction

On August 7th, 2022, I posted a 12-second clip of me hitting a baseball during Army annual training and it had 1,000 views after the first day.

Compared to other videos I took a while editing, this one gained plenty of following, likes, and attention.

It’s often the posts that you don’t expect to perform well that do pretty decent.

Final Thought

Creating content is something I’ll continue to do regardless of the platform. We’re at a point in time when creating content is social media real estate.

The more you can earn the trust and attention of your followers leads to more opportunities to become an influencer and thrive in your niche.

Tik Tok is more addicting to be a creator rather than a consumer.

Just be careful to avoid burnout and not to get deterred by the numbers.

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