Short Articles Are My Favorite and Here's Why

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Are you pressed for time and looking for quick information? Then look no further than short-form articles.

These types of stories are typically less than 500 words in total and take less than 5 minutes to consume.

From a writer and reader’s standpoint, I love short articles. Writers with intriguing headlines and quick-to-the-point facts and information are my favorite. 

In an evolving technology-driven world, much of our attention span has disintegrated. This is why Tik Tok is taking out YouTube. This is why audiobooks are outpacing book sales.

Great Writers Condense Their Thoughts as Much as Possible

I’ve always found it fascinating how many writers are able to narrow down their points into as few words as possible.

Filler words and extra transitions take extra time to consume and aren’t all too necessary. The only downside to short articles is depth. If you’re seeking a deeper explanation, you likely won’t get it, but that’s what the internet is for.

If I have a particular question about something, I conduct my own research to find the answers.

All Short Articles Get Straight to The Point

No games, no distractions, just straight-up content — useful content for that matter. Short articles answer a particular question. That’s the reason readers click on it anyways.

Some of my best-performing articles are about a 4-minute read. I was surprised at first, but from a consumer’s standpoint, I understand why. 

People want to save time and are looking for a specific explanation to their intrigue. Nothing more, nothing less.

Final Thoughts

Are you burnt out from reading paragraphs and paragraphs? Look no further than short stories. They save us tons of time, are more direct, and are easier to consume.

When depth is necessary, seek long-form articles. But for quick straight to the point information, short articles are the way. 

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