Regular Solitude is Necessary for Peak Productivity

Jordan Mendiola
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If you’re ever in a situation where you need to get a task accomplished, consider creating some space.

Distractions come in all forms. Your phone, your friends, the garbage truck outside, and literally anything.

Isolation isn’t a bad thing, nor does it mean you’re not a “people person”.

For example, I am very much a people person, but I enjoy my alone time whether that be to write, blog, edit videos, or anything I need.

Alone Time is Peaceful

We all need things to slow down every once in a while. Constant engagement and interaction can be incredibly exhausting.

You can do yourself a favor by putting some headphones in, turning off notifications, and taking care of business.

The satisfaction that comes from productivity will motivate you to do it more and more. Just be careful of exhaustion and burnout. Anything worth doing is not worth overdoing.

When you’re alone, you can hear yourself think. You don’t have anyone’s opinions intruding your own. A clear head is more productive than an overwhelmed one.

Create Blocks in Your Schedule Dedicated to Yourself

Block out all external forces by structuring your schedule in a way that you can have time for yourself.

If you don’t intentionally make time for yourself, then you’re going to feel like you’re constantly on the go — and never get the space needed for yourself.

Peak productivity doesn’t come out of thin air. It takes discipline. Plenty of it I might add. If you have projects that need to get done, don’t have any shame in telling people that you’re busy.

People-pleasing can get in the way of your goals if you’re always available.

Final Thoughts

People are awesome. Interacting and collaborating with others is cool.

But so is doing your own thing. Humans are social creatures that need interaction, but when you’re on a mission and have a goal in mind, it’s important to make that a priority.

Regular isolation isn’t a bad thing. It’s necessary if you want to achieve the things you want.

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