3 Aspects Have Changed in My Life Since I Started Writing

Jordan Mendiola

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According to Sparringmind, the 7 psychological benefits of writing regularly are:

  • Writing makes you happier
  • Writing helps clarify your thinking
  • Writing can help you handle hard times
  • Writing makes you feel more grateful
  • Writing helps close out your “mental tabs”
  • Writing is a proven way to learn
  • Writing is leadership at scale

Thanks to writing, I believe I am a better communicator, a better thinker, and braver to share my thoughts and opinions.

When I’m sad, I write. When I’m angry, I write. When I’m upbeat, I write.

No matter the situation, I can always rely on writing.

When times get tough and I need to make sense of something, I write.

Writing has worked wonders for many around the world, and here are the three biggest aspects it has made in my life.

1. I am Not Afraid to Share My Thoughts and Opinions

Dating back to grade school, I can recall how timid I was. Whenever the teacher called on me, my heart pounded and my face would turn bright red.


The fear of being wrong. I couldn’t bear to be embarrassed for looking “dumb” in front of my peers. The only times that I would participate if I knew 100% that I was right.

With writing, that is not the case. Quite frankly, people’s opinions of me don’t bother me. I know who I am. I know that I only have good intentions with the words I write.

Because of writing, I am a braver individual when it comes to speaking up and sharing personal stories.

2. I am a Better Communicator Both Verbally and Digitally.

Daily interactions are part of my routine — at work, with family, friends, and complete strangers.

Writing forces you to slow down, collect your thoughts, and communicate them in the most fluid and understandable way possible.

When people didn’t read a certain article I wrote, I would notice that I either lacked experience, credibility, empathy, or tonality.

Thanks to writing, I have noticed that my conversations are at a much deeper level, with much more meaning.

3. People Look at Me Differently, in a Positive Way

Prior to writing online, I was all-in on YouTube. The thing with YouTube is that there’s so much competition, it’s time-consuming (editing), and I didn’t have as much engagement.

When I tell people I write, their eyes light up. It’s unique. Not everyone does it. I never believed I’d do it, especially because I hated writing assignments in school.

How many people in your network can say they are writers? Probably not a whole lot. You stand out from the crowd and spark curiosity in others.

Thanks to writing, I’ve been able to motivate, inspire, and impact numerous lives.

Final Thought

The psychological benefits of writing make me more confident in myself, my communication abilities, and my opportunities.

Everyone has a voice, but not everyone wants to speak. I’m extroverted and outgoing, but sometimes prefer to sit behind my keyboard and align my thoughts.

Writing is a huge mental health booster and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity.

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