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Everyone gets the same 24 hours a day. Everyone lives completely different lives. 

Some individuals are stuck in a situation (whatever it may be) that they can’t get out of, or refuse to remove themselves from. Meanwhile, others are in full control of their day working on goals that suit them and trust the process.

There are two ways to approach life — aggressively and passively. 

An aggressive approach asserts you into the driver’s seat which allows you to drive in the direction your mind is telling you.

A passive approach puts you in a submissive position where life comes at you, you don’t come at life and spark change — leading to feeling powerless and drained.

Let’s dive into how to make every second count.

Build Structure for Yourself by Creating a Schedule

I start off every week by checking in on my Google Calendar.

Building a schedule for yourself makes you more inclined to accomplish the things that are a priority.

I make sure to pencil in my work shifts, outings, free time, and writing time. 

The goal isn’t to fill every minute of your day with something productive, but rather some tasks that you’ll dedicate your time towards.

Without structure, you’ll find yourself wasting time, endlessly scrolling on your phone, or kicking yourself on how you should be using your time more effectively. 

Maintain and Cherish Your Relationships

People who are confident in themselves are typically confident in their relationships and the support group they have around them.

Relationships can mean friends, family, co-workers, classmates, high school friends, and anyone else that you may have connected with in the past.

It’s a shame when relationships (friends, or intimate) come to an end. So if someone means a lot to you today, let them know that.

If you make time for those you care about, or at least put an effort in will stick around until the end — and that’s incredibly valuable.

Set High Expectations for Yourself and Work Towards Them

No one wants to be “all talk” but we know life can be tough and unforeseen setbacks can come into place.

I want to run a marathon.

I want to continue working on my blog.

I want to achieve a high-paying job that allows me to travel more.

Those all wants, but unless your actions back it up, it’s going to take exponentially longer to achieve them.

Final Thought

An aggressive approach to life opens up far more opportunities than a passive one. 

You can put yourself into a position of control by following the tips I mentioned above. 

Let your actions back your words. Every day is an opportunity to be a better version of yourself and strive for more. 

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