A Unique Perspective about The Optimal Time to Have a Child

Jordan Mendiola

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Having a child is something that I plan to hold out on for a little while. But, as someone who’s only twenty-four, I have a lot of plans I want to carry out before setting down and starting a family.

Many other people think differently. They want to start a family young and embrace parenthood in their early to mid-twenties.

And they’re happy.

I’m not here to tell you when you should have a kid, whether you should or not, or however many. However, I will share why I think the thirties to mid-thirties are optimal.

You will have had all the time to do many of the things on your bucket list.

If traveling and seeing the world is a high priority for you, then having kids in the early to mid-thirties should give you plenty of time.

There are numerous teen moms who have to put down school, work, or even their dreams to care for their children—huge props to them.

The kids will be able to get the younger, energetic parent compared to those who have kids a little older in life.

When you have a child, they are your number one priority. I can’t say from experience but from friends and other families that you have to be prepared for many responsibilities.

That means sacrificing your own motives for your little one.

Your twenties are the perfect time to explore your full potential

From 0–10, I was raised by a loving family whose dad coached him in sports and allowed him to explore his athletic abilities.

From 10–20, I moved around a lot with my military family, played sports, and saw the world.

From 20–30, I have deployed to the middle east, worked in different employment sectors, started my blog, and traveled a fair amount. Maybe I’ll get a dog with my girlfriend.

From 30–40, I would like to be starting a family, deciding where to settle down for the next 5+ years, and raising my kids.

If you have a child in your twenties, you must sacrifice things like travel, going out, and social life. It’s manageable with help from nearby relatives, but still a huge test.

Final Thought

I’m not exactly sure where this idea came into my head, but the fact is I’m 24, feel like I have a lot ahead of me that I’d like to achieve or accomplish, and I have to stay focused to see how far I can go.

Your mind can change at any time, but there are many things to consider,

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