Opportunities Come to You When You Least Expect it

Jordan Mendiola

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This Winter was one of the most defining times of my life. I went through a lot of adversity mentally, financially, and emotionally.

Patience and challenging myself allowed me to overcome my struggles and land a brand new job.

After working for a fantastic warehouse that gave me the work-life balance that I needed, I got a call on the way back to work.

A Lieutenant in the Army called me with news that a full-time slot had opened up for me to support a deploying unit.

The position would double my income for the year and offer the same work-life balance. So after careful consideration, of course, I said yes, I’ll take it!

You Don’t Have to Always be Looking for Opportunities

I was just focused on my daily routine of going to work, doing social media marketing, and hitting the gym for about three solid months.

Many of my opportunities, like social media marketing, blogging for work, and being in a critical army role, didn’t happen because I was average. Instead, I had to grind, put countless hours in, and expand my skills daily.

Every day presents an opportunity. You get to choose whether or not you want to hit the gym, take care filing your taxes, begin investing — the list goes on.

Find a routine you can tolerate so that you have extra energy after work.

Taking opportunities requires you to have peace of mind in order to make informed decisions.

It’s Very Easy to Feel Stuck and Helpless

When I started my first in-person full-time job since the pandemic, I asked myself, “I’m not planning on working at the warehouse forever, am I?”.

The answer was no, and after six months, I was getting nervous because I hadn’t found a new job with a more desirable income.

Going from $54k to $83k (with multiple jobs) is more than I could have expected.

I did a personal budget and found that $65,000 is enough money for me to survive and thrive without financial worries. Unfortunately, 2022 started horribly, but is starting to finally turn around.

When you feel broke, down, depressed, and stuck in your 9–5, think.

  • Where do you want to work?
  • What jobs could you tolerate that pay decently?
  • Do you need to learn some new skills?
  • Who do you know that could help you with ____?

The Same Way They Say:

“You Find Love When You Least Expect it”

It’s the same thing with opportunities.

Work hard to better yourself every day. Read, learn, ask questions, join a group, network! I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t socialize and learn from others.

You’ll land an opportunity that becomes a pillar and stepping stone to your journey of success.

Don’t lose hope when you’re down bad. I was down bad. Really bad.

But I powered through it and am striving for even more.

Every day is a challenge or an opportunity. It all depends on the way you look at things.

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