3 Ways to Change Your Mindset for The Better

Jordan Mendiola

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Clearly, you clicked this article because something in your life isn’t going right.

Or perhaps you’re curious what type of advice this Army guy online has to say now. 

I’ve gone through quite a bit in my lifetime and I’m only twenty-three — and only a small fraction of it was actually in the military. I’ve learned countless lessons from my jobs, relationships, dating, traveling, being an entrepreneur, and fitness.

Experimental education has been the greatest teacher by far. 

It wasn’t the classes I took in high school or college — it was the raw encounters and experiences of trial and error that taught me the most.

Here are three tricks you can use to change your mindset for the better.

1. Change Your Routine

Prior to working at a warehouse, I worked from home 24/7.

It was convenient working from home, but after things got stale and an in-person job presented me, I felt like my life got better.

When your day-to-day isn’t working for you, find a way to change it.

Ways to adjust your routine:

  • Sleep earlier
  • Wake up earlier
  • Listen to a motivational video within the first ten minutes of waking up
  • Cook your own meals and minimize fast-food
  • Create an excel spreadsheet of your funds and create a plan.
  • Find a creative outlet — writing, photography, art, cooking, etc.
  • Create a spontaneous plan with friends or new people.

A new routine offers a fresh start. The uncertainty in whether it works or not may cause a little anxiety, but this is good. Embrace your discomfort and continue using trial and error to find what works for you.

2. Get a gym membership and actually use it

It’s so easy to get a gym membership nowadays. Find somewhere close by so that distance is never an excuse.

I recently subscribed to a nearby gym and have found it to be incredibly beneficial. 

A Gym membership offers plenty of benefits:

  • It gives you a place to work on yourself.
  • You place yourself in a positive and productive environment.
  • You surround yourself with like-minded individuals also looking to improve themselves.
  • It’s a place you can go to outside of work and at home. It’s the in-between space where you can get into your zone.
  • You’ll see the results and get addicted to progressing each week. 

At-home workouts never worked for me. I needed a specific environment to get back on track. If this sounds like you, then an affordable gym membership is the way to go.

3. Read books and articles. 

Reading is so crucial to the development of our brains, our thinking, and our entire well-being. 

The information and thoughts in your head are a pure reflection of the content you consume.

Matt Lillywhite has stressed the importance of reading and has given a lot of his late success credit to reading. He’s one of my favorite writers and I recommend checking his work out. 

If that’s Tik Toks, YouTube videos, and video games, then you’re going to have a very narrow mindset. Although you may learn things through entertainment, it’s reading that elevates your thinking.

Benefits of reading compared to other methods of consumption:

  • There’s only one thing voice in your head and that’s your own.
  • You get to go at your own pace and aren’t caught off guard.
  • Reading puts you in touch with words and elevates your vocabulary.
  • It’s timeless — you can do it anywhere at any time.
  • It requires patience and attention which is great for many in today’s day in age. 

On my deployment, I read a total of three books within the span of a year. Although I wish I read more, it felt rewarding.

You know reading is good for you and following through with it builds confidence, clarity, and fresh perspectives. 

Final Thoughts

Initially, my list was going to include five ideas, but three is much more attainable. 

Even if you try one of these suggestions, you’re making huge progress. 

Many individuals get stuck in their day-to-day lives and settle for comfort. 

Today’s the day you put yourself, your goals, and your dreams first. 

I will leave you with a meaningful quote on mindset.

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