The Happiest You'll Ever be is When You're 110% Sure of Yourself

Jordan Mendiola
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Life is too damn short to be living it with fear, insecurity, and doubt. The average person lives until 79 years old, which doesn’t seem like a lot of time if you ask me. 

What’s the use in doing things without a high-caliber level of confidence? 

The more we let fear eat at us, the more likely we are to make mistakes, freeze up, and ultimately give up. Quitters don’t make it very far in life. They let one event get the best of them and stagnate each and every year.

The winners of life are the ones who fail time and time again but get right back up and show up every single day.

Make sure you enjoy what you’re working towards.

Most kids after high school go to college to get a degree in something that doesn’t speak to their wants and values, but it speaks to their bank accounts.

If you’re someone who’s working towards an engineering degree but never liked math and don’t want to spend all of your time solving problems, then don’t do it. 

But if you’re someone who’s always wanted to create a YouTube channel, didn’t mind working a modest-paying job, and enjoy spending time with your friends and family, then do that.

If your mission aligns with your beliefs and values, you’ll be proud of yourself, more confident in yourself, and less resentful of yourself.

Be sure to mark your progress and interpret the results.

With any venture that we pursue, we have to set goals and expectations.

If we want to see ourselves progress, we need to interpret the results and live with them.

When I first started blogging, I made 13 cents in my first month. It was nothing, but it was a start. I believed in miracles, and after a year, I make nearly $20,000 yearly blogging. 

One thing started as a side hustle and then became one of my main hustles. I knew it wouldn’t happen fast, but I kept my head down and put in the work necessary. 

If five years had passed and I still made pennies and nickels, then I wouldn’t continue this venture. But, you have to know when to stop and look somewhere else.

Final Thought

Happiness is a complicated emotion. We can feel happy from leisure, life’s work, friends, family, significant others, and external factors.

It starts with you. Do you know what you want in life? If not, try a bunch of different routes to narrow things down. Think of it as a bucket list of dreams that you’re checking off.

Prioritize what matters to you most, try and fail, try and fail, then try and fail again — all the way until you succeed and see the results you’re looking for. 

Then, and only then, will you be sure of yourself and happier because of it. 

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