The Benefits of Quick Getaways

Jordan Mendiola
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When it comes to adventures, the easiest way to do it is by having quick getaways. 

As long as you have a functioning car, some money for gas, some money for food, and someone (like your significant other) to share it with, then you’re good to go. 

Potential locations for your getaway trip

  • A nearby town.
  • The city closest to you
  • Somewhere in the countryside.
  • A unique restaurant far from you. 
  • A national park or forest preserve with great views.

Not much planning is necessary for a getaway trip. Bring money, don’t expect to spend too much, and go with the flow.

Most people like planning an itinerary and having everything sorted out before a trip or vacation. But if you’re feeling spontaneous and want to seek a little discomfort, then I’d highly recommend going on a quick getaway.

Benefits of quick getaways:

  • Stress relief.
  • Exploring new environments.
  • Making new, spontaneous memories.
  • Plenty of photo opportunities.
  • Cheaper and more affordable than flying. 
  • Therapeutic change of scenery.
  • New stories to show and tell to family and friends.
  • Becoming a more well-rounded individual. 

Final Thought

With quick getaways, you save lots of money, have a good time, and explore new places near you. So many people want to travel the world, but travel doesn’t have to be in an airplane.

It can be a trip in your car, on your feet, on a bike, on a jog — basically anything you want. 

Little moments on quick getaways will forever be remembered and are often the most meaningful. 

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