Take Your First Few Risks, and You'll Be Unstoppable

Jordan Mendiola

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Taking risks comes with a chance of fear, failure, and disappointment. But a life without any risks leads to a high chance of regret, a lack of pride, and depression.

Every year that passes is another 365 steps taken forward or 365 steps taken backward. Those who have a higher risk tolerance typically find more happiness. 

They increase the odds of figuring themselves out, growing in different ways, and becoming the person they’ve always wanted to be. If you’re looking to become unstoppable, it starts with taking risks. 

Taking risks is great for your well-being, and it makes life feel like it’s worth living for.

There’s a risk with anything we do. Going for a drive down the street is a risk. Flying across the globe is a risk. Eating that juicy steak is a risk.

Without even knowing it, we take risks all the time. So why do we hold back from big opportunities? Because of fear. Fear is the number one killer of happiness. 

It causes us to hold back when we don’t want to and leave us in limbo. We are too afraid to take the leap or don’t believe in ourselves because we think we’ll look like fools.

At the end of our lives, we’ll look back on our experiences and feel proud we did many things or guilty that we didn’t try enough. Choose the route you’re fine living with for the rest of your life. 

Find the things worth taking a chance on and stick with them for as long as it feels right.

Not all risks we take will result in a positive outcome. 

For me, I’ve tried YouTube, photography, school, engineering, and so much more. I failed at each of them but kept moving forward. 

The failures are positives because it shows crosses another thing off the list of opportunities you want to take a stab at. 

Failing is equally as important as succeeding because you learn from your mistakes and trust yourself to try again for a different outcome. 

Let’s say you take a risk, and things go great for a few months. Then after a year, you stop seeing growth. You stop seeing progress. You begin to doubt your abilities. You don’t get excited anymore. The fire inside of you slowly begins to fade away. 

That is the time to re-evaluate your risk and see whether or not it’s worth continuing.

Final Thought

Taking risks is one of the scariest things to do especially if it’s uncharacteristic of you. At first, it’ll feel like a lost cause.

But if you’re one of the small percentages of people, then you’ll notice how that risk opened so many more doors. It opened up several new opportunities. 

We don’t need to be superhuman, super talented, or anything like that. We have to be willing — willing to try, fail, and ultimately succeed. 

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