3 Lessons I Learned From Moving Out

Jordan Mendiola

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Moving out with my girlfriend has been an incredible experience — not only because we get to maximize our time together, but because we’re learning new things every single day.

Getting to this point wasn’t easy. We had to grind, bounce from different jobs, and stay resilient. If either of us had given up at any point in time, we wouldn’t have our own place to call home.

Reaching this milestone is a huge achievement in itself, but the valuable life lessons we learn along the way add a whole other layer to it. Here are three lessons I learned from moving out after less than a week.

1. If you can afford quality things, then do whatever it takes to acquire them.

Before moving out, I was all about investing, saving, and maximizing cash flow.

My girlfriend and I still do all of those things, but we don’t mind spending a few extra dollars on quality things such as a Nutribullet blender, a Dyson vacuum, and a $250 Ikea table.

It scared me how much money we were spending at first, but now that we’re moved in, working from home, and feeling so proud of ourselves, we know it’s worth it.

2. Everyone in the household needs to contribute for it to feel like a home.

My girlfriend and I know each other so well that a lot of the chores and tasks that need to get done don’t have to be said.

We both know the expectations such as cooking, cleaning, helping with groceries, and so much more. The more automated your lives can be, the better off you’ll feel.

Less brain power for such trivial tasks will save you headspace and make you appreciate your significant other, roommate, or spouse even more.

3. Independence is bliss and necessary for personal growth.

Without moving out, you’re going to depend on your family for everything. Besides the furniture, the bed, and other heavy items, we have not depended on our families for much.

We understand that moving out is a big sign of maturity and if we’re constantly relying on family or any other external force, we won’t feel like we ever left home.

If you’re planning on moving out, do your best to acquire the things you need and the skills required to live a good life.

Final Thought

The two biggest gains from moving out is financial independence and life independence.

If you’re craving independence, the sense of pride, sense of ownership, and so much more — moving out is a great way to go about it.

There’s beauty in the struggle.

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