The Most Important Lesson Fishing Teaches

Jordan Mendiola
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Fishing is one of those activities that not many people think about. It’s an activity that’s often looked down upon as boring. 

It’s unfortunate because there’s so much more to it than casting a rod into the water and reeling in a fish. You get to practice patience. It’s something we can all work on. 

What better way to enjoy the weather, practice patience, and experience the outcome of your patience by reeling in a fish? It’s a thrill once your patience pays off.

You get to practice patience and that’s a valuable lesson in itself.

Not a lot of other sports or activities allow you to practice patience like fishing does. You cast out your reel, set it up the way you’d like, and just wait. 

Fishing is like investing. If you want to achieve a positive outcome, you have to wait for a bit and within time, you’ll be rewarded. 

Instant gratification is becoming more common in today’s day in age because of technology. Everything comes at us fast, and we’re used to it. You can compare fishing to having one bar of service at any given location.

You might feel frustrated at first, but once you get the outcome you were searching for, you feel much better — and it was worth the wait.

You can have really appreciate nature for what it is.

Fishing gets you out near the water, typically away from everything else. It’s a very satisfying feeling to escape into nature, away from the daily grind. 

Nature is beautiful. It’s free. It’s everywhere. Catching fish is satisfying because this is what all of our ancestors did for food back in the day and we get to enjoy it as an activity.

It’s a privilege to fish and we get to embrace nature in a different style. 

Final Thought

Fishing is one of the simplest sports out there. All you need is a fishing pole, a lake, some bait, and a hook. Catching something when you least expect it is gratifying in itself.

Through fishing, we can all be more patient and appreciative of nature. It’s one of the most satisfying things to do when the weather is nice. 

The next time you look at the water, think about how nice it would be to have a fishing pole and reel in something from beneath the surface. 

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