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I Just Bought My First Concert Ticket Since Covid Began

Jordan Mendiola
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My girlfriend and I had reminisced on concerts ever since the Pandemic began. 

We were getting tired — tired of being deprived of an experience that made us both really happy.

Just today, we bought our first tickets to a show which will be Thursday’s Lollapalooza event in Chicago. 

It felt surreal. Even though the price was $130 per ticket plus $60 in amusement fees and taxes, I didn’t care too much.

My girlfriend was cautious about the pricing, but I went for it because it’s been so long and I’m ready to see a good show. She’s always been very attentive to our finances and I greatly appreciate it.

It’s incredibly exciting just to think about going to a festival and experiencing a live show. We have our own “raves” all the time, but to go to a professional setup show is going to be very nostalgic.

Although Covid really pissed me off, I’m grateful that I was deprived of the experiences I used to enjoy. It made me look deeper within myself — to tend to any voids that I was unaware of.

I grew a lot during this Pandemic. 

I started to focus on the things that really matter. I started to focus on the people who truly matter. I stopped getting distracted by all the amazing things in life.

Now that we’re approaching a bit of a reopening, I get to create endless music festival memories with my soulmate that will last a lifetime.

It’s exciting. It’s nerve-wracking. It’s really something. I don’t know what to expect because of Covid measures, but regardless of the situation, it’s going to be a memorable experience. 

Final Thought

My first show since I deployed to the Middle East with the love of my life in my favorite city in the world (Chicago). What else do I really need?

If you’re going to a show, concert, or music festival. Please share it. Let’s all embrace the reopenings and do it safely. 

Finally, a sense of normality. 

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