Everybody Wants to Be Tik Tok Famous

Jordan Mendiola

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Nearly everywhere I go, I see somebody with their phone propped up while they are performing a Tik Tok dance or skit. 

It’s interesting, to say the least. I’m not someone to judge because I’ve done travel vlogs before and being in the spotlight was something I enjoyed.

Tik Tok is an interesting app, very similar to Vine, but not exactly Vine.

It’s a much more scripted, basic, and dry version of Vine. I don’t want to make a blanket statement about Tik Tok and say it’s bad, but there are a lot of people simply doing it for clout and that’s their motive.

The couple of times I went on there, my homepage was tailored towards military Tik Toker’s, adventure Tik Toker’s, and sporty Tik Toker’s.

There are some very creative individuals out there who can do a lot of cool visual effects, but the app in general just isn’t my cup of tea. It’s not my place to judge anyone’s creativity because I’m a creator myself.

I would personally never make a Tik Tok, but I support the creative platform that’s getting people out and thinking differently. 

In the same way, Pokemon Go was able to get people outside is similar to Tik Tok inspiring creativity. 

YouTube was more of a place that I found a creative drive as far as videos go because there, you’re able to tell a story. With Tik Tok’s limit of 60 seconds per Tik or Tok, you aren’t given a whole lot of time to fully express yourself.

Final Thought

With most people having a shortened attention span thanks to technology and instant gratification, it’s a good platform to get a message out there — a quick way to inspire or entertain an audience.

Tik Tok is new and it makes me feel old, but the best thing it’s doing is getting people outside. It’s getting people to express themselves. As long as their intentions are pure, then I say kudos to Tik Tokers for finding their creative outlet. 

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