Life is Slowly Beginning to Feel Normal Again

Jordan Mendiola
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Covid-19 messed a lot of us up mentally, emotionally, and physically. It took away so many things we once enjoyed, but a lot of plans on hold, and took too many genuine lives.

But with the vaccines coming out and summer upon us, things are finally starting to feel somewhat “normal” again.

Very shortly, I’ll be moving out with my girlfriend, traveling to Seattle for my aunt’s wedding, attending Lollapalooza, going to Six Flags, and doing so many fun things.

These things are what made me feel alive. They made me an adventurer, an explorer, and a more authentic person. You must have missed some things too. Let’s dive into the way life is feeling normal again.

Mask restrictions are beginning to be lifted slowly, but surely.

These damn masks in the summertime are a pain. They make it hard to breathe, leave acne on my girlfriend’s face, and don’t allow us to have fresh air. 

Masks were necessary before Pfizer and Moderna released their vaccines to the public, and now we’re starting to see a slightly lifted restriction from these things. 

We get to see the facial expressions, smiles, and emotions of the people we care about. We can feel human again. 

Events are starting to be planned and allowed around the world.

Social gatherings such as dining in restaurants, concerts, shows, festivals, and weddings are finally coming back into play. 

We’re getting more and more secure because of the vaccines and exiting the risky winter seasons when Covid cases peak. 

When I heard Lollapalooza was back on the table, I got so excited. My girlfriend and I will still be wearing our masks and standing way towards the back, away from the crowd. 

We’re getting more comfortable living again and not being so defensive.

When Covid peaked in the wintertime, I would go on my morning runs and purposely dodge people by running on the other side of the street.

I still take caution, but people are far less defensive about space and distance. It’s still advised, but it’s starting to feel normal in a way. 

People should still maintain their distance and wear masks unless they’re outside with plenty of distance from people.

Final Thought

Life is finally starting to feel normal again and I’m pumped. Everyone’s excited to finally do the things they’ve been reminiscing or longing for.

It’s about time.

As long as we all get vaccinated, and smartly do things, we can restore the life that we once knew and loved. 

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