Facebook Marketplace Can Help You Get Rid of So Much Stuff

Jordan Mendiola

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If you need to get rid of a bunch of random, unrelated items, Facebook Marketplace is the place to do it.

Sure, you’ve got your eBay, your Goodwill, your LetGo App, and so much more, but those don’t even compare.

In anticipation of my family’s move to Atlanta (not mine), I’ve been posting any items my family wants to get rid of on Facebook and everything’s being sold like it’s Black Friday.

Here are a few reasons why Facebook Marketplace is my go-to place for selling items. 

It’s far more trustworthy and less suspicious than other methods of sales.

In my situation, I leave my items outside the front door and tell my customers to Zelle, cash app, Venmo, or leave cash under my mat and I’ve had a 100% honesty rate.

People on Facebook know that you can search them, find them, and hunt them down. No one wants to create enemies, especially when it’s for something you’re willing to sell. 

I’ve been trusted as a buyer and I will equally trust customers as a seller. If you’re less trusting, you can meet up in public or meet them at the door at the point of sale.

Listing items for sale takes only 45 seconds every single time. 

Facebook makes it easy to post pictures, list your item’s name, and name your price. For extra marketing, share it exclusively in other Facebook groups (which it gives you the option to do).

I’ve sold items over $100 without any transaction fees, any cost to own a store, all without being home in certain cases.

It’s too convenient not to use. There’s no overhead or initial investment, just your time, good pictures, and a strong title. 

Final Thought

As someone who’s working towards minimalism and owning fewer things, Facebook Marketplace has saved me such a burden.

I could easily donate to Goodwill, but these $10, $50, $200 sales add up! That’s extra money for gas, groceries, or investing. 

You don’t want to sit on the sidelines and miss out on easy money for items you paid good money for. So don’t sit on the sidelines. List something today and earn some extra cash!

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