Why I’m Bullish on Bright Minds Biosciences ($BMBIF)

Jordan Mendiola

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Bright Minds Biosciences is taking psychedelic and mental health treatments to the next level. It is a company that is an engine for creating new drugs and getting FDA approval.

The majority of the selling will be through big pharmaceutical companies. The shares of this company will skyrocket once they get picked up by a big pharmaceutical company and it’s only the beginning.

Bright Minds has only recently gotten onto OTC markets and will make its way onto the NASDAQ within the next year or so. I’ve always been interested in finding valuable companies that do good in the world.

Bright Minds focuses on curing mental health through revolutionary drugs that are a giant step up from the outdated drug compounds that are currently on the market.

The CEO is committed to taking Bright Minds to the next level.

Bright Minds Biosciences CEO, Ian McDonald is an extremely bright and talented individual who has formed together one of the most dynamic teams in the biosciences sector.

Doctors will prefer to prescribe the safer and more effective second generation that will result in people getting better with less risk of unwanted side effects.

Ian McDonald understands the complexities when it comes to drug making and the business world in general. Without his due diligence and commitment to the movement, his company’s stock would not be making the waves it is.


The stock outlook for the future of Bright Minds

With Bright Minds currently trading on OTC, there isn’t a whole lot of eyes on it yet.

Many of the Reddit pages and psychedelic drug investing groups are covering this stock and see it passing through the single digits — especially once it hits the NASDAQ.

Psychadelic drugs are going to overtake the cannabis hype in the next few years and it’s hardly talked about in the mainstream trading world.

Final Thought

With Bright Minds, I firmly believe that we have a diamond play that is guaranteed to 2x, 3x, and eventually 10x your initial investment.

Without its incredible team, committed CEO, and meaningful sector, I wouldn’t be as excited about this stock.

If you’re a patient investor who can ride the waves, this is a patient play that you’ll be proud to have invested in.

The Reddit pages and trading communities are beginning to take note of it, and the early investors are going to be rewarded nicely.

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